Anthony Jacques 
Independent Career Consultant
Quality career advice at sensible prices

Networking and contacts are vital but providing a strong CV, a good online presence and developing other strong personal marketing materials are essential. Think of yourself as the next big service a company will invest in to remind you on why this is critical.  


You must fully own this important document. Except in very exceptional circumstances, we will take the best of your original CV, and you will mould it into a first class sales document. Some may need little work, others need a total re-build. Generally I will give a final polish to your draft, but the main construction will have been your work.


Alongside this we will work together on your LinkedIn profile, and also I will coach you in producing incisive and relevant material to introduce your CV (whether it is an application for an advertised role, or a speculative approach to a company).

The individuals that Anthony introduces are always of high calibre and relevant to the project in hand. Having met a number of his clients, it is clear that Anthony is viewed as a sound and realistic advisor and diligent promoter of their cause.


Peter Drew, Executive Search Consultant