Anthony Jacques 
Independent Career Consultant
Quality career advice at sensible prices

The initial meeting I have with people often throws up similar questions such as how much time will I get, what have your previous clients gone on to do, can I ask them about the service they worked with you on.  


To help you decide if working with me on your career would be useful, please have a read below:


I’m already doing a lot of research online – what can you support me with that I cannot get online?

I can assist you with maximising your effectiveness online, and I can very likely help you with introductions to key people in head-hunting companies; but most of all I can help enlarge your network from among the many people I have worked with or got to know through the years.


I’m not interested in buying into a ‘programme’.  

I’m not asking you to do this. If you need help with a specific application, or you have made that and need some interview preparation, or you just need some direction and CV help – that is fine. I will meet you where you are.


How many people have you supported?

I’ve worked with over 1700 clients, many of whom I am still in touch with and continue to assist periodically.


What sectors and functions did they come from?

The majority are from the executive/managerial level, and others are aspiring to this. So far as industry and sector go, I would say I’d worked with people from every area with the possible exception of medicine. Age-wise, my oldest client was 66, and at the other scale, I have helped quite a number of recent graduates looking for their first foot on the career ladder.


Do you provide a guarantee?

No, it is not possible to work on the presumption that everyone will get a new job. The process of my programme is designed to facilitate your transition.


Are you a search company or affiliated to a search company?

No to both of these. I am not a recruiter, nor do I have any formal link to any recruitment consultancy or search company. That said, naturally after so many years in the business, I know a good many companies and people in that sector.


What do you mean by your network?

It is composed of past clients, colleagues from the insurance world and from the Services, the odd relation, local or family friends, people I might meet at the gym or at church, other people in the world of career management, and a multitude of further acquaintances either known directly or online. Does that explain a bit?


How do you develop your fees?

I’ll provide you with a quote at the end of our first meeting. Generally the quote is for a specific period of assistance (typically three to six months), irrespective of the number of meetings or time spent. This is the preferable way of working, but if you just want short term help at a particular stage, I am happy to quote for a few hours’ work.


Where would we meet and how frequently?

At the early stages, we would meet at least every week, possibly more. Later on, reviews would be more spaced out, and could be face to face, Skype or email exchange.


How successful have your past clients been?

It is hard to quantify and generalise on success. I’d prefer to say that almost every client moves on from a professional association with me as a more satisfied and self-fulfilled individual. Of course many move on into more senior and more challenging roles, but that is only one definition of success.


How much time will I get with you and how long will the process take?

You will get as much time as your specific situation needs. The search campaign itself is variable for each person.

Do you help people at all stages of their careers?

Age-wise, my oldest client was 66, and at the other end of the scale, I have helped quite a number of recent graduates looking for their first foot on the career ladder.


If you have questions or would like to discuss working with me, please get in touch.  

Firstly, Anthony is extremely good company, and able to be critical in a humorous, way. His knowledge and contacts are first class, as is his ability to think laterally and get to the heart of matters. My relationship with Anthony is such that I will always wish to keep in regular touch.


Tim Bush