Anthony Jacques 
Independent Career Consultant
Quality career advice at sensible prices

Whatever your situation, our flexible programme of career advice, training, marketing and mentoring will meet you where you are and assist you to achieve your true potential.

Are you wondering what your next career could be? Are you wondering when to take it, and how big a step it might be?


With over twenty years’ career consultancy experience, I have worked with people at every stage of their career.  From board level down to recent graduate, across most industry sectors and functional specialisms, I have assisted people to identify and meet their career goals.

Having never been on the jobs market, Anthony has provided invaluable experience in approaching this correctly and thoroughly. Highly recommended and a joy to work with.


Tom Niessen, Hampshire

Some people are returning from a long period abroad, others are coming out of the Services, others again are facing redundancy or dissatisfaction with a company going in a new direction.


I can help you maintain motivation while searching, save you time in the long run, coach you on specific job search skills, and advance your contacts through my knowledge of the executive search market, and of individuals in specific industries.

Thank you Anthony. You really understood me and saw better than I what I should be doing and where I should be heading!


Dr Debby Swallow,

Southend on Sea

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Anthony Jacques
Independent career consultant
Quality career advice at sensible prices