Anthony Jacques 
Independent Career Consultant
Quality career advice at sensible prices

You may be an expert interviewer but when was the last time you were being asked the questions?  Have your recent changes all been internal progressions? If so you’ll certainly need some revision on what it’s like to meet someone who doesn’t know your career achievements and sell yourself?  


As we will have developed a relationship by this point, I will take you through the theory of interview technique, but I’ll then bring in a new career consultant so you are given some roleplay practice with a stranger.  I’ll observe and then we’ll both provide detailed feedback afterwards.  

Anthony is a very supportive recruiter/coach. He provided a great deal of valuable advice and guidance at a point where I needed that input. I would recomend Anthony to any one looking to prepare for the appropriate next role for them and needing advice on how to sell themselves in order to get there.


Paul Bradford