Anthony Jacques 
Independent Career Consultant
Quality career advice at sensible prices

The work is only part done when we launch your job campaign. You will be in the driving seat, but I am there to help guide and manage the project. This is in the form of periodic review meetings, regular status reports from you, ongoing coaching where required, support  and advice over specific applications, the strategy of the follow up, review and reflection on interviews that didn’t end up in offers,  leading to final negotiation of package support.


‘Once a client, always a client’.


An unofficial motto of my old regiment runs ‘Once a Coldstreamer, always a Coldstreamer’, and I apply the same dictum to my work. The first few months in a new role are the most dangerous. I can mentor and support you through this period. Thereafter I am there to take your call as required, and advise where possible on any ‘in role’ issues that might come up.


In the same way, you will have joined my ‘alumni group’, and may well get asked to meet current clients who are ‘on the campaign trail’ still.


You yourself may want in the course of time to move again. I will be happy to assist this new transition.

Anthony has been a tower of strength in assisting me in my job search efforts. He has been totally committed to doing everything he can to provide support and encouragement in what most job seekers would recognise as a challenging time in one's career. Anthony has provided the personal commitment to doing what needed to be done, whether this was editing my CV, establishing contacts, or advising on the pros and cons of various directions in which I might have followed. In short, he provides the "all round" advice that is the hallmark of a true professional.


Michael Taylor